1st:The first back mounted structure, easy for users to upgrade

        Leading in innovation“back mounted structure”Easy dissembling methods, easy to upgrade and easy to maintain, equipped with Intel ITX motherboard structure, using the SOC and desktop processor platforms. The hardware configuration is according to the customer’s choice. To upgrade simply remove the back cover and replace it with the corresponding Intel ITX standardized hardware.
2nd:The lines are connected and without complicated cables, Saves space

        goodbye to the traditional case with a bundle of cables. Body case material after repeated selections and drying grain treatment seems simple and fashionable. Slim appearance matches high performance. WI-FI and blue tooth are supplemented by wireless connections. DR.D has ultimately connected the power line to the work of Jane light office.
3RD:Thinner, more energy, more stable

        Due to the use of DC (direct current) power supply mode, the machine has relatively small PIO, less weight and the same size fair LCD. Product weight and volume are reduced up to 60% than conventional models. Our products do not take too much space and are more portable. With respect to the AC power supply current PIO has better stability, lower power consumption which saves up power up to 20%. Simply these products are made to improve lives.
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