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About Dr.D 


        Dr.D Original design brand and their respective manufactures Taiwan electronic technology Co. Ltd. Were established in 2009. research and development. DR.D originally stationed in mainland in 2015. Our main manufacturing products are All in One PC and related products of our field. DR.D original brand Motto is “simplicity”. Our dream is to become a highly respected manufactures for All in One PC globally.

        Years ago, DR.D original brand founder was a computer student studying at the Central University of Taiwan. For his hobby and professional reasons, he used to work part time as a computer network administrator in the school internet café. In order to solve the computer glitches, he used to repair machines which slowly became an essential part of his college life. His love for machines quietly planted the seeds for a dream. “I hope one day I can improvise these heavy gadgets and I will make the simplest computer. So the people could get rid of heavy gadgets and can get a good experience of lovely and simplified streamline of computers “and finally he realized that it was a great idea.

        DR.D original brand advocates for simplicity, independency, style and sophisticated attitude toward life. DR.D original brand emphasizes on the perfect integration of technology and simplicity. DR.D products are mainly targeted by high end crowd who are eager to change the anatomy of technology with fashion. Our brand reflects the taste of our consumer groups and high quality of their lives.

        DR.D Taiwan has a professional R& D team, with a strict supply chain of partners, and high quality management system on the mainland. With its simple but stylish design, innovative technology and high quality material DR.D has crafted itself on the leading end of the industry. DR.D products are dedicated to DR.D team efforts which played a major role in DR.D brand success.



        DR.D has a creative elite team. We have brought people from all quarters of the world. There are marketing experts, outstanding product managers, technical experts and highly qualified electronic industry designers. For our product development they have a wealth of experience, originality of ideas which can meet the user’s needs and expectations of simple design, ease of use and a creative humane design, a totally different technology product which can enhance their experience in tech-world. 

        Core values: simplicity.

        Brand vision: to become a leading brand in One desktop PC.

        Brand mission: to provide our users with a simple, stylish high quality desktop PC.

        Brand concept: contracted, fashionable, independent.

        Simple: to provide our users with simple and refined product.

        Fashion: our product not only focuses on practical simplicity but also reflects the elements of fashion.

        Autonomy: product design more human to meet users' need of replacement

        DR.D product designs are the interpretation of culture. DR.D exclusively claims itself a liberal brand of technology. Combining the concept of simple, stylish with science and technology, DR.D gives you a better chance to roam into the technology world. 

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