Terms of sale

Terms of sale:


Terms of warranty

        1.One year PC warranty;
        2.LED screen, power adapter in 12 months warranty; CPU / motherboard / memory / hard drive warranty for 36 months;
        3.Accessories such as keyboard and mouse are in three months warranty;

        4.The damaged product if damaged or destroyed can be returned within 7 days, within one month are replaceable, but the return packaging should be intact;
        5.The standard warranty for return will withstand if the product is functioning normally, appearance is neat, well packaged and no refurbished。
       Note: from January 2016, one year PC warranty and 36 months warranty for motherboard / memory / hard drive will withstand if damaged or destroyed due to non human errors. CPU/ motherboard / memory / hard disk will be maintained free within the standard warranty。

        6.The warranty starts from the date of date on purchase invoice or valid credentials with date mentioned. In the absence of valid purchase invoice, relevant documents, product warranty certificate or above mentioned documents are altered or illegible, the” three warranties” offered will be considered from the date of production of the product. In case of invalid purchase or invalid product purchase documents warranty will be considered cancelled。
        7.Data security note: Data stored in SSD, HDD or in any mechanical driver are not covered within the warranty。

二.Paid services:
        1.The whole PC or any component after the free repair period, the repair services have to be paid;
        2.The failure to meet specification requirement, self errors, improper usage, improper storage and maintenance or any faulty operation causing damage to the product, the repair services have to be paid;
        3.If the damage has been done due to improper environment, such as such as temperature is too high, too low, too wet or dry, high altitude, abnormal physical stress, electromagnetic interference, power supply instability, electrostatic interference, and zero ground voltage is too large and unreasonable input voltage etc, the repair services has to be paid;
        4.Due to unexpected factors or man-made errors such as computer viruses, operational errors, liquid falling, scratches, handling errors, bumping, incorrect insertion, objects have fallen, plague of rats, pests, etc.) Resulting into malfunction or damage to the product, the repair services have to be paid
        5.Due to natural disasters or any other nature forces (such as earthquakes, fires, lightning, etc.) causing malfunction or damage to product, the repair services have to be paid; 
        6.Normal and reasonable consumption or damage (such as shell, plug parts of natural consumption, wear and aging);
        7.Product upgrade services have to be paid;

        8.Any Other non-mechanical (including components) faults causing damage to the product, the repair services have to be paid。

三.ShenZhen ShiZao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd(ShenZhen ShiZao Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd)ShenZhen ShiZao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has the final authority for any decisions
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